latest updates:

10/01/2015 - Uh oh! Lettering for a fancy spread inside October's Bon Appetit magazine!


7/21/2015 - New limited edition prints available!
Get your meat-hooks on this 8.5"x11" 2-color screen print (white & gold) Hit me up on the email if you'd like a print - include your address and the color paper you want and I'll let you know about payment info ($25 for US orders, a lil' more for international).



8/01/2015 - Very excited to start showing off this album cover I made for The Most Serene Republic. I got to spray paint a whole bunch of electronic components for this project. More process shots soon!



4/02/2015 - working on a new music video for SON LITTLE. It has wolves...


4/15/2015 - Got the opportunity to make this 2 foot x 2 foot piece for the kind folks at
Sub Rosa and GQ Magazine. I totally took the ink too far, as you can see by my hand.