latest updates:

10/01/2015 - Uh oh! Lettering for a fancy spread inside October's Bon Appetit magazine!


7/21/2015 - New limited edition prints available!
Get your meat-hooks on this 8.5"x11" 2-color screen print (white & gold) of my CERTIFICATE of LACK of RECOGNITION! Printed with meticulous precision by Haven Press in Greenpoint, Brooklyn, this limited run of certificates is perfect for that person who deserves recognition for their amazing talents. Or even for YOU, you amazingly creative person. Never won an award or been given a trophy for your hard work & skillz? No worries, this print is just for you! Available on either black or midnight blue paper for $25US (+ a little more for international shipping). Hit me up on the email if you'd like a print - include your address and the color paper you want and I'll let you know about payment info... THANKS!!!


8/01/2015 - Very excited to start showing off this album cover I made for The Most Serene Republic. I got to spray paint a whole bunch of electronic components for this project. More process shots soon!



4/02/2015 - working on a new music video for SON LITTLE. It has wolves...


4/15/2015 - Got the opportunity to make this 2 foot x 2 foot piece for the kind folks at
Sub Rosa and GQ Magazine. I totally took the ink too far, as you can see by my hand.